DAY 1 - ERICE, Sicily, Italy

Why Papa Vince Harvest Tours?


Because our family has been making extra virgin olive oil in Sicily, Italy, since 1935!!! Can you get more authentic than that? If you come, believe me, my family and I will make sure you experience the Sicilian hospitality to the max!!

Enjoy Homemade Food

You will have the oppotunity to dine with the Papa Vince family and even eat homemade food made by GrandMa Santina, Papa Vince's daughter.

Grandma Santina homemade cooking

Santina, Papa Vince's daughter, cooking in her kitchen

Eat What & Where Locals Eat

Our price covers all your meals, including snacks, coffee, gelato and even wine! It is our privilege to take you to the places locals eat so that you may enjoy the best cuisine of Sicily. You can order anything from the Menu at no extra cost to you!!

Eating at local restaurant with Papa Vince

Eating together at a local restaurant in Agrigento

Personal Attention

Our groups do not exceed 7. Stefano and I will be your personal tour guide during the entire trip.

Vitina and Stefano

Stefano and Vitina, members of the Papa Vince family, will be with you the entire trip

Lodge in an Active Farm

You will have your own room & bathroom. Why not enjoy a bit of the Sicilian farming life-style? Don't worry! These farms are extremely cleaned and the food is beyond this world!!

Santa Ninfa Lodging

Your view from your balcony


We value your time! You will have the privilege to eat pastries made by the cloistered convent nuns or the opportunity to converse with a priest in the middle of the Islamic Quarter. These are just few of the privileges of traveling in a small group at a slower pace.

Mazzara dal vallo with Priest Pino

Surprise meeting with Priest Pino in Mazzara dal Vallo. He took us everywhere!


In a small van, you will travel like a local, through backroads filled with adventure and charm. We will be there to say HELLO when you land and we will be there to say GOOD BYE when you depart. We are your family and we will remain family from then on!

Arriving at the Airport in Sicily with Papa Vince

Stefano and Vitina with you at the airport


Not only will you learn how to cook and make pastries from our family members, but also about our history, culture and way of life from local historians and art majors.

Walking the Palermo Market with Papa Vince

Palermo - city and street food tour where evey dish tells a chapter in the history of this city


We take the stress out of your vacation. (1) No long bus drives. (2) No packing and unpacking from hotel to hotel. (3)No unexpected expenses. In fact the only extra money you will need is for gifts & souvenirs. 

Dining with the Papa Vince family

Dining with the Papa Vince family at their house after the olive harvest

About Us


Papa Vince is a small family business in Sicily, Italy. We have been making Extra Virgin Olive Oil since 1935. Our orchards are located in Santa Ninfa Sicily.  

Back in 2013, Papa Vince LLC was created because my family and I believe in dreaming outside the box. Against all odds and warnings that selling premium quality extra virgin olive oil was a financial disaster, we decided to venture in a daring journey that has brought much joy and satisfaction.  

Believe me, in the last 5 years, we have faced more than few impending financial disasters. My husband and I can't still draw a decent salary from Papa Vince LLC. But, does it really matter?  

Man does not live of bread alone!!  

In other words, the joy and satisfaction that the testimonial emails of our customers have brought to our souls cannot be bought with money. There is nothing like living within your destiny to keep you healthy and going and fully provided in spite of circumstances. Papa Vince LLC is a walking miracle!!!  

That being said, Will you allow us to bless you by taking you to Sicily?  

NOTE: Traveling to Sicily is not an inexpensive proposition and honestly... you only have few days to make it happen. Therefore... Why don't you let Stefano and I make it a lifetime memory?

Whether or not you are coming this year to Sicily, I encourage you to keep dreaming. In fact, only those who hold fast to their dreams, see them come true. Why don't you allow yourself to dream?

What is people saying about Papa Vince?

Do you have a facebook account? If you do, would you mind sharing how Papa Vince extra virgin olive oil and food has blessed your life? It is the testimonial of customers like you that keeps us going!! THANKS IN ADVANCE!!! 

Vitina Feo Papa Vince Family-Member

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